New spaces to transform teaching and learning

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The UQ Art Museum provides a world-class educational program that encourages us to think critically, challenge assumptions and create important change.
Extending the UQ art Museum building will make a significant impact on teaching and learning by providing engaging spaces where we can embrace debate and be inspired.
An extension will include open storage and workspaces that lift the veil on museum practice, revealing how artwork is handled, packed, stored and conserved. No Australian art museum currently gives its audiences these important opportunities.
Specialised spaces for experimentation and discovery will be accommodated – places where new possibilities are stimulated by a museum program fuelled by UQ’s research and teaching.
Formal spaces for lectures, seminars and symposia will also be created, where art will become a vehicle for scholarly debate and inspired thinking and where life-changing transformations can occur.
There was always a plan to extend the footprint of the current UQ Art Museum building – it’s now time to bring that plan to life.
Please help us maintain our current educational spaces and create learning spaces that will help shape the way we all see the world.

Help us create spaces for critical reflection and thought.