Partner with UQ to beat COVID-19

COVID-19 - UQ Students Emergency Support Fund

Many of our students and their families are facing the overwhelming impact of COVID-19 including job loss, uncertainty and unforeseen expenses.

You can give to the UQ Students Emergency Support fund. Each gift will be matched by the University and directed to students experiencing significant hardship.

What is the campaign?

The Not if, When - Campaign to Create Change is an ambitious philanthropic effort to achieve this transformational impact. It is the first comprehensive campaign in the University’s history and will continue for several years as we collectively strive to achieve our common goal for a better world.

What is the UQ Founders Pledge?

The University of Queensland is driving a new approach to philanthropy by partnering with entrepreneurs to ‘pay it forward’.

In an Australian first, members of the UQ Founders’ Pledge will commit to donating a portion of their success to the University at a future date – when exiting or listing their start-up.

Support the change you want to see in the world.

When you and UQ partner together, amazing things can happen.

Environments are protected, futures are nurtured, families are supported, lives are made healthier, culture is enriched and society’s injustices are tackled head on.

UQ has research expertise, passion and determination – side-by-side with you, we can accelerate towards success.

Together, we can confidently say: ‘Not if, when.

Find your cause

Do you want to make an impact but are unsure of what fund to choose?


Click on the list of causes below the image to find the area you care about the most. 100% of donor contributions go to the nominated cause.



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A just society

Advancing equity and justice is an investment in the public good. It grows the heart and mind of society and restores the rights of the vulnerable and their access to the justice system.

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A sustainable world

Your support advances the pathway to a more sustainable and innovative future for all, where human health is improved, cleaner energies are provided and environmental threats to the world we love are better understood.

Together we can tackle issues with marine environments and our fragile reefs, develop methods for better biodiversity and conservation, leverage the social sciences to produce better decision-makers, understand how water and mining practices can improve, and even reverse the growth of the cane toad population.

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Culture, history, and the creative community

Art, music and creativity give us the soul to believe, create and imagine new ways to innovate, love and enrich the world for all humankind.

Our students and teachers critically interpret, shape and brighten the world around us to the benefit of all society. We are enriched and inspired by UQ’s art collection, museums, exhibitions and education programs which are available to all.

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Enterprise and innovation

As Australia strives towards creating a robust and sustainable knowledge economy, and industries and employment change and evolve, skilled entrepreneurs and innovators will be crucial to our collective futures.

UQ is equipping students with those skills through leading programs such as IdeaHub, a pre-incubator that includes workshops, experienced mentors and a network of local and global innovators to help grow ideas into solutions. Other programs include ilab, a start-up incubator where participants validate their business models and customer markets, and build their business management capabilities.

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Feeding the world

Nearly a billion people suffer from chronic hunger, and another two billion have little or no assurance they can put food on the table for their families. The need for innovation in the food, fibre and agribusiness sectors has never been greater.

Donor support fuels UQ’s world-leading researchers to discover solutions that bolster global food security and turn the dream of a sustained and sustainable world into reality.

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Healthy futures

It’s where health science, practice and community meet. Your giving enables ground-breaking research and innovative practice that promotes people and communities towards brighter and healthier futures.

Your support can be directed to a wide range of areas including understanding and treating psychological disorders, better parenting, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, veterinary science, oral health, speech pathology, nutrition, exercise and others.

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Indigenous futures

Equal access to jobs, health, justice, and education are just some of the challenges facing Indigenous Australians.

Through research, supportive education and scholarship programs, UQ is determined to contribute to addressing these issues and celebrating Indigenous culture.

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Prevent, treat and cure disease

The threat of infectious and chronic disease is a critically important global issue confronting human health.

Whether it be cancer, stroke, research into pain, dementia, epilepsy, and many others, we are committed to discover, prevent, treat and ultimately cure a wide range of critical health issues. With your support, we can achieve outcomes that will benefit all of society.

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Scholarships, fellowships and awards

For many capable and talented students, scholarships and bursaries are lifelines to their futures.

They offer a critical bridge for those who lack opportunities to begin or continue their studies regardless of background and disadvantage.

Scholarships provide financial support, develop research opportunities and enable work experiences that come together holistically to help create well-rounded and career ready graduates, positioned to tackle the world’s big problems.

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The student experience

Giving practical support to enhance student learning, achievement and enjoyment is at the centre of everything we do.

With the help of our generous donors, we aim to provide the innovation and learning infrastructure that ensures our students’ experiences exceed expectations and they are empowered to become the architects of their careers.

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World class teachers and researchers

To retain the best and brightest young minds Australia produces, we need the world’s leading academics, researchers and practitioners to teach, mentor and inspire them.

Our cutting edge researchers and academic leaders  cultivate and prepare our students to tackle the challenges confronting our world.

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100% of donor contributions go to the nominated cause.