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Gift encourages young women to pursue mathematics

A young student’s dream of becoming a mathematics teacher has come a step closer thanks to a generous philanthropic donation for a one-off prize.

UQ student, Kathryn Stephan who is studying a Bachelor of Education majoring in mathematics, was thrilled to be the recipient of this generous $1000 gift aimed at encouraging young women to study mathematics.

Former UQ student Wendy Robson donated the gift in honour of her mother, who was discouraged from studying mathematics as a young girl. Ms Robson’s gift will keep giving to future generations of women to strive towards their dreams.

Miss Stephan said that in a field as challenging and dynamic as mathematics, the donation was affirmation that she had made the right choice.

“I find that while I enjoy maths, it is still a challenge, but this prize has inspired me to continue to do the very best that I can,” she said.

Miss Stephan said she was fortunate to have parents and teachers who supported her in her decision to study education and mathematics.

“It wasn’t until high school that I developed a passion for maths, through the help of many fabulous teachers, and my parents have always been supportive of my decision to study education and attend The University of Queensland.

“I don’t think I would be where I am today without their support and encouragement.”

When she is a teacher, Miss Stephan wants to encourage students to pursue their dreams.

“I hope that my career in education will allow me to inspire students to pursue whatever career they desire.”

You too can empower students to pursue their dreams by donating to the UQ Future Scientist Scholarship Fund and removing some of the financial barriers they may face.

Help encourage more young women to pursue their dreams in science.