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Business, Economics & Law

Now more than ever, our philanthropic partners can have a significant positive impact on our society by investing in the knowledge and research facilitated by the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law (BEL).

With world-class academic programs in business, economics and law, we are cultivating creative thinkers and leaders with the discipline, ingenuity and initiative necessary to support a thriving 21st-century economy.

By partnering with leaders in education, research, private industry, philanthropy, government and NFP circles, we can be co-creators of the global future.

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Never before have we experienced such a fast-changing and complex world. Significant technological advancements, the impact of globalisation, and shifting demographics and societal expectations have created profound change that will reshape the workforce. 

Our donors have the vision and we have the expertise and contemporary approach to prepare resilient and effective leaders who are ready for this change and have the ability to enrich the world around them.

With our international network of high-calibre alumni, world-class research capabilities and UQ's global engagement platform, BEL is well-positioned to transform the way the world does business and manages societal challenges. 

The growing importance of data and how we apply research insights to business and community issues has changed the game. 

Create change today.

We invite you to find out more about how BEL can align with your interests and help meet your priorities. Your support will strengthen the Faculty’s agility, impact and capacity to discover pragmatic solutions for the complex challenges facing industry and government in the 21st century.