Transforming Teaching and Learning

Transformative learning happens when great teaching and research link with innovation and technology. These experiences enable us to keep the best and brightest minds in Queensland and allow our students to give back to the community.

Together, with your support, we will provide the infrastructure needed so our students’ experiences exceed their expectations, shaping them into effective and ongoing architects of their own careers, today, and into the future.

The opportunities provided through the support of visionary donors include backing entrepreneurial and innovation incubators such as ilab and IdeaHub, industry placements, internships and mentoring opportunities.

For Australia to thrive in a globalised world we need to become a knowledge economy that cultivates and retains the brightest young minds and talent. Attracting the greatest minds to teach at UQ can help us achieve this.

By retaining Queensland’s best and brightest, we can bolster our economy and cultivate innovation that drives the discoveries that benefit all of us, whether it is clean energy initiatives, cures for disease, or means to tackle complex issues such as climate change and poverty.

We are preparing well-rounded and compassionate individuals to lead us into the future. Innovative learning programs such as the UQ Pro Bono Centre, where law students aid vulnerable members of our community, offer students practical experience in advancing the public good.

Having experienced excellence in teaching and learning, our students are well prepared to lead tomorrow’s communities. Not if, when.

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