Travel grant empowers students to go global

Experience abroad is increasingly important in today’s globally connected world. It broadens horizons, breaks down cultural barriers and is a catalyst for building lifelong relationships.

There is no better way for students to develop many of the qualities that employers are looking for than to experience the world beyond their own environment.

Unfortunately, when this falls outside the realm of traditional study abroad, students can face particularly challenging financial obstacles, and UQ’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS) wants to help.

The HASS Globetrotters Grant was established to support students who show initiative to seek out extra-curricular international opportunities that are a bit ‘out of the ordinary.’

This could include but is not limited to:
•    Conferences
•    Leadership programs
•    Research programs
•    Professional development workshops
•    Internships or field experience

These types of experiences help to build confidence, resilience and give a clear understanding of what career prospects may be available in the future. 

Students from any discipline at the HASS Faculty can apply to realise their global aspirations. Funding is available for undergraduate and postgraduate masters level HASS students for up to $1000. View the guidelines to find out if you're eligible and how to apply.

Last year Alex Stenlake, an Honours student with the School of Political Science, was invited to the United States to present his work on data algorithms at Princeton and Harvard.

As the first recipient of funding from the HASS Globetrotters Grant, Alex said the opportunity provided to him through the fund transformed his career.

“This journey was an enormous boon to my career progression. 

“Not only was it a chance to reach my target audience of researchers, but it also allowed me to network with influential scholars from the top of the field,” Alex said.

The HASS Globetrotters Grant responds to the financial barriers that prevent UQ students from engaging in unique opportunities abroad. 

“Receiving this funding enabled a career-defining opportunity for me, with doors now opening that I never expected to enter,” he said.

This grant inspires students like Alex to pursue their dreams. 

You can join in helping others to undertake a unique, transformative experience abroad by making a gift today to the HASS Globetrotters Grant.

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