A teacher’s giving opens up student opportunities

When PhD student Jessica Soden began studying with a world-renowned UQ neuroscientist she couldn’t have imagined how she and other students would benefit from his generous support to ensure they stayed ahead of the field.

Dr Nick Lavidis is known worldwide for his research on the mechanism of neurotransmission and creation of SerenaScent and is one of many UQ staff who are passionate about supporting postgraduate students.

Dr Lavidis has been supporting PhD students since 2003. In 2015 he also set up a bursary in memory of his late parents – the Anastasios and Evangelia Lavidis Grant in Aid – which supports School of Biomedical Science students who face personal hardship outside of his laboratory. 

Ms Jessica Soden described Dr Lavidis as a kind, compassionate and generous mentor.

“Attending conferences is vitally important as they enable us to get our research out there and network and Nick will always try to make it possible for everyone to go by injecting something into our lab fund; he wants everyone to have a shot and a fair go,” she said.

Underscoring Dr Lavidis’ giving is a personal commitment to passing on to the next generation the good fortune that he and his generation experienced.

“We had free or inexpensive education and the opportunity to explore the frontier of biomedical science. Our discoveries benefited all Australians. It is now our turn to give this generation the opportunity and excitement of being on the frontier of science.

“We have a duty to Science and the future of Australia to support students who will be achieving breakthroughs, creating jobs and sustain our economy,” he said.

Dr Lavidis encourages UQ staff and the wider community to sponsor postgraduate scholarships and ensure the success of our next generation of biomedical scientists who aim to improve the health and productivity of all Australians.

Empowering students to succeed regardless of their background or financial means is a passion for so many of our generous donors. 

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