Students soar for success with new Boeing research facility

UQ researchers and students are partnering global aerospace powerhouse Boeing in pushing the discovery horizon of cutting-edge aerospace technology.

In a first for the Asia-Pacific region, the establishment of the BR&T-A Brisbane Technology Centre in the heart of the University’s engineering hub, opens up opportunities for students to rub shoulders and collaborate with world aerospace experts.

The centre is conveniently located near other specialist UQ research groups of interest to the aviation industry including the Queensland Brain Institute, where bird flight patterns are being analysed for possible unmanned aircraft system application, and the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, home to several sustainable fuel project teams and polymer researchers.

UQ graduate and former NASA fellow in the USA, Dr Jason Armstrong heads the BR&T and says the centre will benefit all.

“We have enhanced access to UQ’s world-class researchers in engineering, human movement, neuroscience, chemistry, physics and psychology, as well as investigators in software and hardware components,” he said.

“And we hope that by being located in a high-traffic area on campus, we will attract interest from students who may then work in our industry and/or undertake high-level study in the fields of aerospace.”

The collaboration fosters academic research and translation to industry, and UQ students will also continue to benefit from the PhD scholarships and undergraduate internships Boeing offers.

Partnerships like this provide invaluable opportunities for students and help cultivate the technical skill and expertise of the leaders of tomorrow.

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