Scholarship eases pressure on Arts doctoral students

Far from his home in Korea and with mounting financial pressures, Communications and Arts doctoral student Kumchong Lee was on the verge of losing his closest and most loving support, his family, when he needed them most.

Options were running out and he faced the likelihood that his wife and child would have to return to Korea resulting in the derailment of his studies.
That was before he was awarded the vital lifeline of a Helen Kay Scholarship.

“If I did not receive the Helen Kay Scholarship, I would have had to stay alone in Australia, and it would definitely have affected my emotional well-being and the timely completion of my thesis,” Dr Kumchong said.

“The scholarship is a godsend for those who strive to complete the last stage of their thesis. A journey to the PhD is full of uncertainty, which often goes beyond students' own control,” he said.

For seventeen years the Helen Kay Scholarship has provided much needed financial support to students striving to complete their PhD thesis. Recipients have gone on to complete their degrees, and many to making exciting contributions to academia, broadcasting and literature.

The scholarship was established by the family of former UQ Arts doctoral graduate Dr Helen Kay who was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour in 1999.

Dr Kay continued to advise students, help undergraduates with their coursework and work on her own thesis until just two weeks before her passing. Helen was awarded her PhD in Cultural Studies posthumously.

Together with matched funding from the School of Communication and Arts, this Scholarship supports a PhD student who needs extra time to complete their work.
Scholarships like this transform lives and help bridge barriers to higher study achievement. Please consider supporting talented, determined and hardworking PhD students today by donating to scholarships at UQ.  

Support talented, determined and hardworking PhD students.