Research initiative offers parents a helping-hand

A world-leading UQ-created parenting program is boosting the wellbeing of families around the world and has the enthusiastic backing of governments and the United Nations.

The Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) equips parents with positive evidence-based strategies to deal with disruptive behaviour in children of all ages, from toddlers to teens.

The program includes an online segment, topic-specific seminars, parent discussion groups, one-on-one consultations and small group-based and individual face-to-face sessions.

Thanks to recent government backing, the program will now be available for Queensland families for another three years free of charge, but with further support it could be extended to families all over Australia.

Triple P founder and UQ Parenting and Family Support Centre director Professor Matt Sanders, said the program gave parents a valuable opportunity to improve the wellbeing of their families as well as their children’s life chances.

“I welcome the Queensland Government’s recent decision to continue providing families free and easy access to quality parenting support  … it is the mark of a state that wants to do better by its children,” Professor Sanders said.

“Parents who are educated with positive parenting strategies can parent knowing that they are giving the best chance to their future generations,” he said.

Triple P, backed by 30 years of research, is helping improve the behaviour and emotional health of millions of families around the world, including 85,000 Queensland families who receive free parenting support.

It has been the subject of more than 280 research trials and evaluations around the world and is internationally recognised by governments that have implemented the program including the USA, Iran, Indonesia, the UK, Japan, Ireland, Chile, Denmark and The Netherlands.

The outcomes of the Triple P Program do not just benefit families, but have a wider societal impact reducing domestic violence and associated costs to society. 
With further support, this program could be provided for free beyond Queensland, to benefit families throughout Australia and the world.

Your donation will help Triple P continue to support parents and families around the world.