Pioneering improved health outcomes for Indigenous and remote Australians

The health of Indigenous and remote Australians is being advanced by the dedication and generous giving of UQ Professor Wendy Hoy whose 25-years of collaborative research inspires hope for solutions to chronic disease. 

Professor Hoy AO is a world-renowned researcher whose career has focused on combating kidney disease, diabetes and cardiovascular disease in high-risk populations. 

Over the past year she has led support for the creation of a resource to progresses Indigenous health research and inform policy development.

Professor Hoy is putting her own money where her dedication lies – donating from her UQ salary to fund a new health resource that will benefit many. 

“The new tool is a repository of existing information, data, and biologic samples as a resource for other UQ agencies working collaboratively to advance Aboriginal health and research,” she said.

Professor Hoy stressed the importance of prevention, early diagnosis and treatment in addressing chronic diseases such as diabetes, kidney and lung disease and high blood pressure. 

“Indigenous health issues such a low birthweight, excessive infections and poor diet are entirely preventable and can be addressed through a mixture of inter-sectoral service, population and health initiatives.”

Professor Hoy is confident of the “amazing” effect the scientific community can achieve when they work together. 

“While we have seen enormous advances in health services, outcomes and survival over the past 60 years, more progress can be made. The possibilities for productive collaborative research are almost limitless.”

Resources like this excel research and benefit our wider community through informing policy and treatment outcomes. Your support of this project could benefit thousands. 

Help improve health outcomes for all.