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A dog’s best friend

A dog named Sparkie, who suffered from chronic ear infections, is again firing on all cylinders thanks to a generous donation that funded the purchase of much-needed diagnostic equipment for the UQ VETS Small Animal Hospital.

The equipment, a digital otoscope, which was used to treat Sparkie provided many additional benefits for students by allowing them to see clearly what was going on in their patient’s ear canal. The pictures were then shared with the owner to explain the Sparkie’s condition and the proposed treatment.

The equipment is enabling students to understand difficult to visualise parts of the body, such as ear structures, and facilitate the treatment of animals cared for by UQ VETS Small Animal Hospital.

Donations, such as that used to purchase the digital otoscope, benefit UQ students beyond the acquisition of the latest equipment; it fosters productive teaching and learning experiences for both staff and students.

The Webb-Jenkins Veterinary Science Endowment Fund, established with a gift from alumna Hilary Huey, provides funds for the purchase of equipment and for the Webb-Jenkins Veterinary Travel Scholarships, which support students who undertake practical placements in rural areas.

Your support of the School of Veterinary Science will advance the health, care and well-being of our pets and their owners. 

Help us help all animals.