Digital museum project shares heritage online

Through a generous initiative, UQ’s anthropology and archaeology treasures are helping descendants, researchers and teachers around the world connect with Australian Aboriginal and Pacific Islander heritage and history online.

Since 2012 the UQ Anthropology Museum has been digitising and developing a free online catalogue of its 28,000 pieces, opening the collection for remote access for teaching and research and significantly for communities in remote Australia and across the Pacific.

So far the catalogue has been accessed by 35,000 visitors including Indigenous communities connecting with their heritage. 

Cape York and Hervey Bay communities have used the catalogue while a man in Cunnamulla was able to show his children a museum item that had belonged to his grandfather, and Quandamooka weavers used images of Moreton Bay bags to help teach traditional skills to their young people.

External researchers have also drawn from the catalogue and photography for exhibitions and publications at National Gallery of Australia, National Museum of Australia, Art Gallery of New South Wales, British Museum, Redlands Art Gallery, QAGOMA Asia-Pacific Triennial.

Your funding support ensures this important and costly project continues to bring countless museum collections and artefacts, which are ready to be digitised, to the world.

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