Alumni driving change in memory of their mentor

UQ alumni are proving the rule by becoming the change they want to see in the world, removing cost of living barriers to worthy and able students to study at UQ.

Graduates reconnecting with their peers through class reunions are giving to endowment funds that generate scholarships for deserving students.

The 1986 and 1996 Chemical Engineering classes both chipped in to contribute almost $2000 towards the R.J. ‘Gus’ Wiles Scholarship Endowment Fund.

Since it was established in 2010, over 250 alumni have supported the scholarship and now a push to endow the scholarship has begun.

UQ engineering graduates from across the world are now working to reach the $500,000 needed to endow this scholarship and ensure it continues to benefit students for decades to come.

Dr Kate O’Brien, a senior lecturer in Chemical Engineering at UQ, said Gus Wiles would have been thrilled to see that the fund, created during his lifetime, was continuing to benefit students. 

“The contributions of so many alumni and students has meant that UQ students can spend time at top-class facilities around the world and the insights they are bringing back to Australia will benefit us all.”

Scholarship recipient, Maddalena Gabrielli, said the opportunities provided through her scholarship were priceless.

“I studied at Ecole Centrale Paris for a year where I made international connections allowing me to share knowledge and information,” she said.

“I would not have my current job as a Sustainability Engineer at the Brisbane Airport Corporation without the experience I gained through this scholarship,” Ms Gabrielli said.

Ours is a community that continues to lift up and support one another in a way that would make Gus and so many others proud.

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