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By donating to the UQ Library you are providing students, teachers and researchers with the access to information they need to make a difference in the world.

Your support enables us to offer an outstanding research collection, innovative learning spaces and expertise in the creation of knowledge.


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The library is a vibrant and integral part of university life with more than 3 million visitors each year. We are committed to preserving, protecting and providing access to information. It is a safe and inclusive space for learning, study and the free exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Philanthropy has always been important to the development of the Library, from the establishment of the Fryer Library in 1927, to the digitisation of heritage materials and the development of innovative services today.

Be a part of our work by helping us to:

  • continue to develop world-class research collections

  • develop a dedicated teaching space where students, and the community, can experience interacting with rare and unique special collections

  • digitise collections to preserve and share our culture and heritage

  • offer fellowships and awards to encourage and provide opportunities for research

Your support will ensure that the scholars of tomorrow have access to a great library.

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