Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB)

For twenty years, IMB’s researchers have been discovering the unknown in health and medicine to create lasting change. Imagine a cure for stroke developed from the venom of an Australian spider, growing life-saving medicines in tobacco plants, stopping deadly superbugs with treatments from nature and treating chronic diseases.

Your support will take our research beyond the edge of the known and discovery ways to solve complex health and environmental challenges.

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Our game-changing research is framed through six research centres focusing on superbug infection, pain, inflammation, genomic diseases including endometriosis, MND and kidney disease; heart disease, and biotechnology. We also explore cancer, the ageing process and seek to develop environmentally friendly alternatives to products such as pesticides.

Through our research and your generosity, we aim to inspire and train the next generation of scientists. Our research is dedicated to discovering solutions to global problems.

Our notable people

Professor Glenn King

Professorial Research Fellow, Institute for Molecular Bioscience 
Biochemist and structural biologist

“So many Australian families have been impacted by stroke, including my own. Having a drug that could be administered in rural locations and protect the brain would be life-changing.”

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