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Humanities and Social Sciences

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences explores the full range of human experience. We take on global challenges including endemic poverty, access to education, and peace both at home and abroad. We deepen the world’s understanding of our diverse cultures and our shared history. Across seven varied and diverse Schools we investigate, we enrich, and we celebrate humanity’s triumphs while finding answers to its greatest questions. 


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The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences empowers students and cutting-edge researchers to reimagine and reshape our environment and change the way we understand our past, our present, and ourselves. From music to journalism, from anthropology to language, students utilise our Schools, Centres, Institutes, and Museums create pathways to a brighter future for our communities, our nation, and our world. 

Philanthropy has and will continue to be an essential driver of this future. The act of giving transforms lives by connecting students with the rest of the world, supporting new lines of research, enabling a deeper public engagement, and countless other opportunities. 

Such vision and generosity also has the power to connect students with world-leading thinkers, artists, and professionals. In 2017, the estate of the late Tony and Paula Kinnane brought three-time Grammy Award-winning flautist and Bachelor of Music graduate Tim Munro back to UQ as the Tony and Paula Kinnane Musician-in-Residence. Engaging with aspiring musicians and the broader community, he fundamentally reimagined the roles of audience and performer. This is an example of how, through partnering with UQ, donors can bring people together to foster new ideas and opportunities.

Now, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences invites you to join in empowering future generations to give voice to the vulnerable, to challenge the world around them, to break through barriers, to cross borders, and to create change.

Our notable people

Professor Alastair Blanshard

BA (Hons) UQ, MA UQ, PhD Cambridge.

As a child, Professor Alastair Blanshard remembers being fascinated by the Greek myths he learned at school. His career path was then seemingly set in stone during a family holiday in Greece when he was just 14-years-old.

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