Donor Honour Roll 2018

Thank you

The University of Queensland acknowledges the support of its donors. 

With the support of donors, UQ is able to create change by empowering student success, transforming teaching and learning, and driving discovery and impact. These achievements are only made possible because of the generosity of our donors, alumni, friends, industry partners and foundations.

A full list of donors is below. 

Lifetime Supporters
Mayne Circle
1910 Society
Sandstone Society

2018 Donors
Great Court Society
Organisational Donors $10,000-$49,999
Organisational Donors up to $9,999
Individual Donors up to $999

The University of Queensland in America Inc
The University of Queensland UK Trust

Bequest and Estates
- Jacaranda Society
- Bequests and Estates


Named in honour of Dr James O’Neil Mayne and his sister Miss Mary Emelia Mayne who gifted the funds with which the land for the St Lucia campus was purchased. The Mayne Circle is a society of generous benefactors who have donated at the highest level with lifetime giving of $1,000,000 or greater.


Adrian Axelsen

Carol Colburn Grigor

Andree Axelsen

John & Gay Hull

Bill Bowness AO

Mark Hutchinson

Benjamin Brazil

Di Jameson

Lyn Brazil & Bobbie Brazil AO

Chin Kung AM

Victoria Brazil

Andrew Liveris AO & Paula Liveris

Andrew Brice AM & Jennifer Brice

Matthew McLennan

Malcolm Broomhead AO

Greg Poche AO & Kay Van Norton Poche

Paul Brotchie

John Reid AO

David Brown

Trevor St Baker AO & Judith St Baker

Joseph & Veronika Butta

Paul & Sue Taylor

Professor Christopher Chen

Kenneth Wallace

Frank Claps MD & Denise Green AM

Des & Sharon Whybird

Alan Cooper OAM

Graeme Wood AM

Paul Eliadis

Nat & Sandy Yuen

Chuck & Helga Feeney

3 Anonymous Donors

Ian Frazer AC FRS & Caroline Frazer



Aegium Foundation

Rio Tinto (Aluminium Product Group)

Alumina Quality Workshop Inc

Rio Tinto Coal Australia Pty Ltd

Arthritis Queensland

Rio Tinto Limited

Australian Cancer Research Foundation

Rio Tinto Technology and Innovation Group

Australian Government

Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital Foundation

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

St Andrew's War Memorial Hospital

Cancer Council Queensland

Technological Resources Pty Ltd

Children's Hospital Foundation

Templeton World Charity Foundation

Clive and Vera Ramaciotti Foundation

The Atlantic Philanthropies (USA) Inc

Colgate-Palmolive Pty Ltd

The Bowness Family Foundation

Com-Law (No.87) Pty Ltd

The Brazil Family Foundation

Curavis Pty Ltd ITF The Curavis Fund

The Clem Jones Foundation


The Dow Chemical Company

Frazer Family Foundation Pty Ltd

The Eliadis Foundation

Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation

The Garnett Passe and Rodney Williams Memorial Foundation

GHD Pty Ltd

The Graeme Wood Foundation

Good Ventures Foundation

The Kids' Cancer Project

Great Barrier Reef Foundation

The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research

Leukaemia Foundation

The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation

Leukaemia Foundation of Australia

The Paula and Andrew Liveris Foundation

Lions Medical Research Foundation

The Stafford Fox Medical Research Foundation

Mater Foundation

The Sylvia & Charles Viertel Charitable Foundation

Mater Misericordiae Ltd

The Tiffany & Co. Foundation

Medtronic Australasia Pty Ltd

The University of Queensland in America, Inc.

Merchant Charitable Foundation

The University of Queensland Rugby Union Foundation Trust

Metal Manufactures Limited

Toowong Private Hospital

Motor Neurone Disease Research Institute of Australia Inc

Trustee for Trevor and Judith St Baker Family Foundation

National Breast Cancer Foundation

Tsung Cho Chang Education Foundation

Open Philanthropy Project

Underwater Earth Incorporated

PA Research Foundation

UQ Endowment Fund Limited

Perpetual Limited

Vulcan Inc.

Perpetual Trustees Queensland Limited

Wesley Research Institute Limited

Poche Foundation

Westpac Bicentennial Foundation

Pure Land Learning College Association Inc

Yuen Family Trust

Queensland Government

2 Anonymous Donors

Queensland Institute of Dermatology




Named in honour of the year of UQ’s official founding, the 1910 Society is a community of benefactors who demonstrate extraordinary philanthropic leadership through lifetime giving of $100,000 or greater.


Mark Alexander & Christopher Thomas

Dr Hugh Kunze

Davida Allen

Dr Nickolas Lavidis

Mr Doug Anthony

Lindy Lee

Don Argent & Shelley Argent OAM

The Robert Levin Family

John Atkins

Lim Huat Seng

Michael & Dellarose Baevski

The Liu Family

John Baird

Professor G Q Max Lu AO & Dr Lian X Liu

John Barnes

Bob & Pam MacDonnell

Perry & Jane Bartlett

Daphne Maclean

John Bashford & Deborah Sinnott

Jeff & Fran Maclean

David & Judith Beal

Brian Macnish

Keith & Annette Bennett

Robert MacPherson

Clive Berghofer AM

Dr Jeff Mann AM and Mrs Antonetta Mann

John Boyle

Richard & Mary Beth McCallum

Bob Bryan AM

The Late Ross McCowan

Lesley Bryant

Ken McGregor

Ms Cynthia Burnett

David Merson

Patricia Byrne

Cathryn Mittelheuser AM & The Late Margaret Mittelheuser AM

Christine & David Campbell

Simon Moore

Stan Catts

Barry & Elizabeth Murphy

Paul Chan & Kam Chan-Low

Geoffrey Nette

Shane Chidgzey

The Oei Family

Noel Cooke

Warwick Olsen (C.Eng. F.I.Chem.E) & Nancy Olsen

Bernie & Daphne Cornish

Mr Henry Osiecki & Dr Vera Osiecki

Pat Corrigan AM & Barbara Corrigan

Jennifer Peatey

Tim & Elaine Crommelin

David Perel

Fred D'Agostino

Glenda Powell AM

Robert Day

Brian Randall OAM

Shane Doyle QC

Michael Rayner AM

Mikala Dwyer

Alan & Judy Rix

Tonianne Dwyer

Heather Rush

Craig Edwards

Lewis Saragossi

Michael Eliadis

Dr Ros Siemon

Malcolm Enright

Marie Siganto AM

Timothy Fairfax AC & Gina Fairfax

Rob Siganto

John Fitzgerald

David & Elisabeth Stanton

Vince FitzGerald AO & Penny FitzGerald

John Story AO & Georgina Story

Brian & Peggy Flannery

Tom Story

Timothy Florin

Nick & Alison Stump

David Galbraith & Andrew Pethebridge

Alan Thiess

Annie Gamble Myer

David Thomas AM

Nick Girdis CBE & Marina Girdis

Aida Tomescu

John & Meta Goodman

Dell Townsend

Chris Greig

Alan & Minh Ha Tran

Oscar & Peta-Anne Groeneveld

Beverley Trivett

Robyn Hilton

Marjorie Trundle

Kathy Hirschfeld AM

Matthew Trundle

Kin-Man Ho

Graham & Jude Turner

Peter Høj AC

Anne Udy

Sean Howard AO

Peter Varghese AO & Margaret Varghese

Richard Howes

Laurie Walsh AO & Mary Walsh

Professor Wendy Hoy AO

Jim Whyte

Hilary Huey

Noel & Carol Williams

Qing Jia

John Wylie AM & Myriam Boisbouvier-Wylie

Christopher Johnstone

Shufeng Yang

Peter & Elizabeth Jones

Pauline Young

Gil Kerr

Frank & Patsy Youngleson

Anthony Kerwick

The Late Felice Zaccari OAM & Del Zaccari

Rob Knott

Li Zhang


20 Anonymous Donors



AECOM Australia Pty Ltd

Liu & Chen Family Trust

Agilent Technologies Australia Pty Ltd

Lowtian Pty Ltd

Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry Australia

Macfie Curlewis Spiro Lawyers

Alexom International Pty Ltd

Mack Trucks Australia Pty Ltd



Alumni Friends of The University of Queensland Inc.

Maclean Distributors Pty Ltd

Anglican Church Grammar School

Macquarie Group Foundation

Anglo American - Australia

Maria Vasas Foundation

Anindilyakwa Royalties Aboriginal Corporation

May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust

ANZ Trustees Limited

Mayne Group Limited

AO Foundation

McCullough Robertson

Arrow Energy Limited

McCullough Robertson Foundation Ltd

Arthritis Australia


AusCope Ltd

Morgans Limited

Australasian College of Dermatologists Scientific Res Fund

Motor Accident Insurance Commission

Australasian Gastro Intestinal Research Foundation

Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia Limited

Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Queensland

Australian and New Zealand Society of Nephrology

National Heart Foundation of Australia (QLD Division)

Australian Cystic Fibrosis Research Trust

National Stroke Foundation

Australian Dental Association (Queensland Branch)

Nestlé Australia Ltd (Nutrition Division)

Australian Diabetes Society Limited

Nestle Purina PetCare Global Resources

Australian Rotary Health

NetApp Australia

Australian Youth Orchestra

Newcrest Mining Limited

Baxter Healthcare Pty Ltd

North Limited

Bechtel Australia Pty Ltd

Nutricia Research B.V.

Bendigo Bank Limited

Orica Australia Pty Ltd

BHP Billiton Minerals Exploration

Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation Alliance

Bio Concepts Pty Ltd

Peabody Energy Australia PCI Pty Ltd

Biogen Idec Australia Pty Ltd

Perpetual Trustee Company Limited - Canberra

Bloomberg Philanthropies

Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation

Blue Sky Alternative Investments Ltd

Pogliane Investments Pty Ltd

Boeing Australia Limited

Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd

Brain and Behavior Research Foundation

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

Brainchild Foundation

Provet Queensland Pty Ltd

BrAshA-T Ataxia-Telangiectasia Limited

Public Trustee of Queensland

Bremer Business Park Pty Ltd

QCT Resources Limited

Brisbane Broncos Rugby League Club Ltd

Queensland Community Foundation

Brisbane South Primary Health Network Ltd

Queensland Emergency Medicine Research Fdn

Bupa Health Foundation

Queensland Health

Burnett Mary Regional Group for Natural Resource Management

Queensland Injectors Health Network Limited

Cambooya Pty Ltd

Queensland Medical Laboratory Pathology

Canadian Institute for Advanced Research

Queensland Newspapers Pty Ltd

Cancer & Metabolomics Fund

Queensland Resources Council

Canine Research Foundation

Rebecca L Cooper Medical Research Foundation Limited

Captain Courageous Children's Med. Research Foundation Ltd

Roche Products Pty Ltd

Castlemaine Perkins

Rohil Pty Ltd

Cerebral Palsy Foundation USA

Romac Investments Pty Ltd

Cherish Women's Cancer Foundation

Royal Australasian College of Physicians


Royal Australasian College of Surgeons

Coal Services Health and Safety Trust

Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

Coles Group Ltd

Royal Brisbane & Women's Hospital Auxiliary Inc.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Science and Industry Endowment Fund

Conrad Gargett

Sequoia Foundation

Conservation International Foundation

Shake It Up Australia Foundation

Corrs Chambers Westgarth

Shell Coal Australia Limited

Crommelin Family Foundation

SIGMA Company Limited

Cure Brain Cancer Foundation

Simons Foundation

Cure Cancer Australia Foundation

Skills Queensland

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics Inc

Sonova AG

Dalio Foundation

SPB (Australia) Pty Ltd

David Merson Foundation

SpinalCure Australia

Dementia Australia Research Foundation (AADRF)

Sporting Shooters Association of Australia Inc.

Department of Employment, Economic Development & Innovation

St Jude Medical Australia Pty Ltd

Destination Brisbane Consortium Integrated Resort Operations

Stichting Incontinence Foundation

Diabetes Australia Research Limited

Suncorp Group Limited

Diabetes Australia Research Trust

Swanbank Enterprises Park Pty Ltd

Diamond Jubilee Partnership Ltd

Tabcorp Holdings Limited - Casino Division

Dr Jian Zhou Foundation

Talbot Family Foundation Pty Ltd

Dreamworld and WhiteWater World

Temron Pty Ltd

Dugalunji Aboriginal Corporation

The Arterial Compliance Project Trust

Ellison Moschella & Co

The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy

Energy Queensland

The Australian Power Institute Limited

Equity Trustees Limited

The Boeing Company

Equity Trustees Wealth Services Limited

The Bryan Foundation

Eric Charles Development Pty Ltd

The Coca-Cola Company

Ferguson Foundation (Reginald Ferguson)

The Helpful Foundation

Financial Markets Foundation for Children

The Hermon Slade Foundation

FIT-Bioceuticals Limited

The Ian Potter Foundation

Flannery Foundation

The Jean Hailes Foundation

Ford Burnett Pty Ltd  ATF  The Ford Burnett Foundation-PAC

The JO & JR Wicking Trust

Ford Foundation

The John and Mary Kibble Trust Fund

Freemasons Queensland

The Josephine Ulrick & Win Schubert Foundation for the Arts

G James Australia Pty Ltd

The McCusker Charitable Foundation

Gainsdale Pty Ltd ATF Turner Family Trust

The MND and Me Foundation Limited

Genevieve Greig Foundation Ltd

The Nellie Muriel Ivers Foundation

Gill and Lane Solicitors

The Oticon Foundation


The Pew Charitable Trusts

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Australia Pty Ltd

The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation

Glencore Coal (NSW) Pty Limited

The Randall Foundation

Glencore Coal Queensland Pty Limited

The RBWH District Innovation Fund

Glencore Copper Australia

The RoCan Trust

Glencore Zinc

The Rotary International District 9640 Ltd

Golder Associates Pty Ltd

The Schizophrenia Fellowship of Queensland Inc.

Goodman Foundation

The Siganto Foundation

Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation, Inc

The Terry and Maureen Hopkins Foundation

Hand Heart Pocket The Charity of Freemasons Queensland

The Trust Company Ltd

Hatch Pty Ltd

The Trustee for The HCF Research Foundation

HELP University

The Trustee for Tour De Cure Trust

Henderson Foundation

The University of Queensland

Hill's Pet Nutrition Pty Ltd

The University of Queensland Foundation Trust

HIV Foundation Queensland

The Walter & Eliza Hall Trust

Huntingtons Queensland

The Yulgilbar Foundation

Inala Primary Care Ltd

Thiess Pty Ltd

Independent Marine Biochemistry Research Pty Ltd

Thomas Foundation

Index Group of Companies

Thoracic Society of Australia & New Zealand

InterFinancial Ltd

Thyne Reid Foundation

International Energy Centre

Toogoolawa Schools Limited

International Initiative for Impact Evaluation

Turner Family Foundation

Ipswich City Council

Twin Towns Services Community Foundation Ltd

Ipswich Hospital Foundation


JEM Research Foundation Trust

University of Strasbourg

Jeteld Pty Ltd

UQ Sport Limited

JLF Corporation

Vale Australia Pty Ltd

John Barnes Foundation Limited

VCG Holdings Ltd

John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Visiting Medical Officer Liaison Committee

John Trivett's Brisbane BMW

WDS Limited

Kidney Health Australia

Wesley Medical Research Ltd

Kingsford Environmental (HK) Ltd

Westpac Foundation

L3 Micreo

Wingate Properties

Laing O'Rourke Australia Pty Ltd

WMC Limited

Lend Lease Development Pty Ltd

WorkCover Queensland

LEO Foundation

Xstrata Coal Australia

Liming International Pty Ltd ATF Liu and Chen Family Trust

Xstrata Limited


3 Anonymous Donors



Named in honour of the sandstone that has formed the foundations of UQ, the Sandstone Society is a community of generous donors who demonstrate philanthropic support through lifetime giving of $50,000 or greater.


Shar Adams

Ian & Jo-Ann Malouf

Julieanne Alroe

Joseph Marioni

Nick Apostolidis

Brent Masters

Chryssa Aroney

Norman Mayne

Patricia Aspromourgos

Alexander Mckenzie

Robin Bade

Danie Mellor

Simon & Sarah Biggs

Sandy Michell

Barbara Blackman AO

Josh & Danielle Milani

Dr Graham Bligh

Morag Morgan

Russell Board

Pra & J Murthy

Neil Boland

Judith Musgrave

Thomas Bradley QC

Timothy North SC

Jan Cameron

Elizabeth Nosworthy AO

Kenton Campbell

John Nutt AM & Roberta Nutt

Francis Chan

Mike Parr

Jun Chen

Terrence Peabody

John & Deborah Cooper

The Pekol Family

Elisabeth Cummings

David Pestorius

Florence Davey

John Player

Lynette Davis

Jack Qin

Daryl & Kate Dixon

Claude Reghenzani

Guy Farrands

Graham & Joanne Russell

Peter & Adrienne Forrestal

Damian & Debbie Shalders

Jonathan & Michele Fulcher

Michael Slancar

John Gersekowski

Steven Sorbello

Don Hamson

Dr Stan Steindl

Ove Hoegh-Guldberg & Sophie Dove

Dr Leslie Thompson OAM

Geoff & Kay Ilett

Allan Tindall

Terri Irwin AM

Warren Traves

Mark & Faith Kendall

Nancy Underhill

Allan Kleidon

Tasnee Western

Ildiko Kovacs

Mark Whittaker

Bernie Laing

Steven Wilson AM & Jane Wilson

Associate Professor Christopher Layton

Bruce & Jocelyn Wolfe

Walter Lewin

Daniel Wood AO

Loh, Hoon Sun

Steven Zhang & Cindy Shi

Steve Lynch AC

Jin Zou


10 Anonymous Donors



Accenture Australia Limited


Accounting & Finance Association of Australia and NZ

Lalor Foundation Inc

Agilent Technologies

Layton Vision Foundation Limited

ALH Group Pty Ltd

M S Swaminathan Research Foundation

Allergan Australia Pty Ltd

Macarthur Coal Limited

Amgen Australia Pty Ltd

Margaret Hannah Olley Foundation

Animal Health Foundation

Maxim Foundation 62

Aquatec-Maxcon Pty Ltd

Mazda Foundation Ltd

Arup Pty Ltd

MedEdPath Inc.

Aust. Society of Orthodontists Foundation for Research & Ed.

Metagenics (Aust) Pty Ltd

Australia & Pacific Science Foundation

MineGeoTech Pty Ltd

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited

Minter Ellison

Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group

Mission Massimo Foundation

Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Worldwide Ltd

Mitsubishi Australia Ltd

Australian Academy of Science

Morgans Foundation

Australian Dental Research Foundation

Muscular Dystrophy Queensland

Australian Society of Implant Dentistry

N A Kratzmann & Sons Pty Ltd

Australian Strategic Investment Group

National MPS Society

Bank of Queensland Limited

Northrop Grumman Australia

BDO (Australia) Ltd

NRMA Insurance


Origin Foundation Pty Limited

Bluesfest Pty Ltd

Palladium International Pty Ltd

Brain Foundation

Pavetta Foundation Pty Ltd

Buildcorp Group

Peta Seymour Foundation

Canon Information Systems Research Australia Pty Ltd

Pinnacle Investment Management Group Limited

CEEC International Limited

Princess Alexandra Hospital Auxiliary

Cement Australia Pty Ltd

PwC Australia

Chiang Ching Kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exch


Chris Richards and Associates Pty Ltd

Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR)

CITT Technologies Pty Ltd

Queensland Law Society Inc

Civilbuild Pty Ltd

Queensland Orthopaedic Research Trust

Cook Medical Australia

Queensland Trust for Nature

Costa Exchange (NSW)

Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists

CSR Construction Materials

Sanofi - Aventis Group

Defence Health Foundation

Shimadzu Australasia Ltd

Dentistry Alumni

Sisters of Charity Foundation Limited

Diversified Construction Corporation Pty Ltd

Software Engineering Australia (Qld)

Dogs Breakfast Trading Company

South West NRM Ltd

Downer Group Limited

Speech Pathology Australia

Ecoforce Charitable Trust

Spotless Group Limited

Elsie Cameron Foundation

Stillbirth Foundation Australia Trust

Endeavour Veterinary Ecology Pty Ltd

The American Fund for Charities

F A Pidgeon & Son Pty Ltd

The Ceridwen Trust

Fircroft Australia

The Chin Family Trust

Fox & Thomas

The Myer Foundation 100

Galderma Australia Pty Ltd

The Ove Arup Foundation

GBST Holdings Pty Ltd

The Peter and Mary Ellen Stone Memorial Fund

George Georges Scholarship Support Committee

The Queensland Asbestos Related Disease Support Society Inc

Haald Engineering Pty Ltd

The Wombat Foundation

Hardy Brothers

Union Co-Operative Society Limited

Hello Sunday Morning

UQ - University of Queensland Press

Henlia No.9 Pty Ltd

Westpac Banking Group

HopgoodGanim Lawyers


Jacobs E&C Australia Pty Ltd

Yancoal Australia Ltd

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation - 55

1 Anonymous Donor




Named after the heart of the St Lucia campus, the Great Court Society is a group of donors who demonstrate their support through annual gifts of $1000 or greater.


Bruce & Debra Abernethy

John Kelly

Ian Aird

Fiona Kennedy

Maureen Aitken

Liz Kenny AO

Martin Albrecht AC

Dylan Kerr

George Alex

Edwin Khew PBM

Micky Allan

Samuel Kim

Barbara Allen

Judy Kincade

Lindsay Allen

Katrina King

Michael & Mathilde Alston

Ross Kirkwood

Betty Anderson

Carla Klease

Eric Anderson

Thea & David Kleiber

James Anderson

Nick Kosanovic

David Andreatta

Martin Kriewaldt

Jenny Andrews

Kurt & H Kubik

Geok Ang

Lily Kwok

Craig Apps

Michael Lambrou

Reid Archibald

Guy Lampe

John Armstrong

Ian Lauder

Ronald Ashton QC

Emanuel Lavidis

Lawrence Au & Kam Shing Kwang

Catherine Lawrence & Geoffrey Lawrence

Tony Au

Joan Lawrence AM

Rodney Auer

Linda Levett

Ms Gitanjali Bajaj

Robin Levison

Ryan Bamford

Derek Lewis

Ron Baranoff

Wee Tong Liaw

Brendan Barker

James Liley & Dora Lui

Ross & Bing Barnard

Steff Linde-Balko

Geoffrey Barnes

Robina Lindenmayer

Anthea Barry

Stuart Lindenmayer

Greg Bartlett

Andrew & Kate Lister

Kaye Basford & John Bashford

Peter Little AM

Robert Battisti

Mark Loane AM & Elizabeth Loane

Alison Beal

Ian Loughnan

Pauline Beames

Malcolm Love

Felix Behan

Morris Low

Genevieve Behan

Vera Lukursky

James Bell QC

Doune Macdonald & Steven Leitch

Elton Berrange

John & Anne MacKay

James & Susan Beyer

Tom Mackay

Alan Biggs

Emily Mackenzie

Paul Biggs

Joan Mackisack

Phil Bird

Ian Macoun

Alastair Blanshard

Mary Mahoney AO & Patrick Mahoney

Roger Bligh

Michel Mamet

Kenneth Boal

Cameron & Heather Manifold

Leeanne & Gregorie Bond

Ross & Prue Manners

Roberta Bonnin

Sandra March

Beverley Bonning

Derick Markwell

Tony Booth OAM

James Markwell

Manus Boyce QC

Joy Markwell

Sue Boyce

Janice Marshall

Tom Braddock

Bruce & Susan Martin

John & Margaret Brannock

Veronica Mason

Klaus Bremhorst AM

David Mayocchi

Elizabeth Brennan

Helen McBride

Priscilla Brilliant

Bruce McBryde

Gary & Sophie Bromham

David McCarthy & Susan Priestley

David Brown

Mary Rose McCarthy

Leigh & Margaret Brown

Mick McCormack

Leonard Brown & Lincoln Austin

Robin McCosker

Melissa Brown

Helen McCutcheon

Leo Browne

Timothy McEvoy

Joan Bryan AO

John McKenna QC & Julienne McKenna

Susan Buckley

Dustin McKenzie

Pamela Burgess

Ross & Margaret McKinnon

Peter & Marian Cahill

Scott McMillan

Victor Callan & Margaret Johnston

Margaret McMurdo AC & Philip McMurdo

James Callinan

Jennifer McVeigh & Charles Hart

Nadia Campbell

Lucas Menken

Con Carides

Tom & Leith Meyers

Louise Carrigan

Alex & Mary Milanovic

Michaela Cartner

Adrian & Lorraine Millard

John H Casey

Ian & Maree Millar

Rodney Catling

Bob Milns AM & Lyn Milns

Admire Chaendera

Nicholas Milns

Jeremy Chandler

Geoff Mitchell

George Chapman AO

Doug Moffett

James Chen

Nick Mole

Xiaojing Chen

Matthew Molineux

Chiu-Yen Chen-Wang

Vernon Moo

Karen Chester

Sebastian Moody

Chwei-Liang Chiou

Professor David A F Morgan OAM

Caroline Chow

Andrew Muir

Shen & Loan Chow

David & Veronica Muir

Bob Christiansen

James & Glenda Muir

Jonathan Christie

Debra & Patrick Mullins

Charles Clark

Howard & Katherine Munro

Anne & Rick Clarke

Mr Grant & Mrs Marie Murdoch

Bruce & Helen Clarke

Adrian Murphy

Gregory Clarke & Bink Stone

Jan Murphy

Peter Cleary

Michael Murphy & Pauline Ford

Mervyn Cobcroft OAM RFD

Robin Murphy OAM

Edwin Codd AM & Katherine Codd

John & L Murray

Lavinia Codd

Tim Napier-Munn

Benjamin & Tamara Cohney

Neastone Pty Ltd

Lachlan Coin

Gael Newton AM

Robyn Collins

Judy Nicol

David Collyer

Alan & Shirley Nitz

Vicky Comino

Rowland Noakes

Cass Conwell

Hironari Noguchi

Enid & Graham Cooksley

Adrian & Lise Noon

Timothy & Mary Cooney

Richard Noske

John Cootes

Levi Obijiofor

Jill Corrigan

Simon & Caroline O'Brien

Carlos Corvalan

Paul O'Connor

Andrea Cosgrove

Shaun O'Connor

Volkan Coskun

Brian O'Keeffe AO

Yesim Coskun

Rino Olivotto

Mikaeli Costello

Gregory & Wendy O'Meara

Richard & Jolie Cowen

Ong Family

Ruth Cox

Anna Osborne

Professor Darrell Crawford

Linda Osborne

David Croft

Gabrielle O'Shea

Lindy Crofts

Reinfried Otter

Michael Crommelin AO & Rosslyn Crommelin

Adrian Pagan AO

Mary Cross

Rachelle Panitz

Andrew Crowe QC & Cathryn Crowe

Stephen Papas

Chris Cullinan

Ravi & Usha Pappu

Daniel Cunningham

Dr Marjorie Patel

Robert & Janet Curgenven

Edmund Pattison

William Curnow AM & Margaret Curnow

Neil & Sue Paulsen

Patty Danver

Erin Pearl

Tori Darnell

John Pearn AO RFD

Helen Dash

Glen Pearson

John Dashwood

John & Margaret Pegler

Edward & Christine Dauber

Andrew Pentland

Martin Daubney AM

Bronwyn Perna

Brian Davies

Leah Perry

Robyn Daw

Professor Lester Peters AM & Mrs Desley Peters

Bruce Dawe

Nathan Peters

Graham De Gruchy

Maree Petersen

John de Jersey AM & Jannette de Jersey

Irmtraud Petersson & Michael Lattke

Fred de Looze

Judith Petroeschevsky

John de Manincor

William & Jill Pettigrew

Iris Dean

Anthe Philippides

Randal & Susan Dennings

Robert & Suzie Phillips

Geoff Dennis

Tony Photiadis

Michael Dickson

Sally Pitkin

John Dobbs

Patricia Pollett

Phoebe & Evan Donaldson

Douglas & Janet Porter

Janelle Donnelly

Gary Portley

Andrew Douglas

Lady Primrose Potter AC

Rosemary Douglas & Richard Douglas QC

Paul Potter

The Late Chris Douglas

Gary Potts

John Dowsett AM

Malcolm Powell

Amanda Dryden

John & G Puttick

Nev Ducat

John Railton

Wendy Ducat

John Ralph AC & Barbara Ralph

Julia Duffy

Peter & Emma Rawlings

Tim & Caroline Dunne

Jenny Reading

Barbara Earl

John Redman

Wendy Edmond

John Reuter & Marita Parkinson

Terry & Jenna Edwinsmith

Lewis & Shirley Rice

Looi Ee

Ruth Richardson

Daryl Elphick

William Ridge

Brett Emmerson AM

The Riha Family

Mark Esler

David & Gillian Ritchie

Peter Ewing

Doug & Janine Ritchie

David Exton

Michael & Carmel Roberts

Farmer Family

Tony Roberts

Robyn Farrell

Mark Robinson

Sam Fay

Alan Rose AO

Edward Federman

David Rose

Mary Ann Ferrier

Ian Rose

Tracy Finnegan

A/Prof Beverley Rowbotham AO

Audrey Flack

Sudarshan & Surinder Saini

Ken Flanders

Peter & Lesley Sampson

Shaun Flanigan

Kulveet Sandhu

Tom Fletcher & Annaliese Jackson

Karthi Sankaran

The Estate of Dr Sum Fong

Charlie Sartain

Jeffrey & Deborah Forgan-Smith

The Late Geoffrey Sattler

Phil & Stephanie Forrest

Rick Schafer

David Francis

Edwina Schmidt

Bradley Freeman

Mark Schroder

Demila Gabriel

Siew-Eng See

Prue Galley

Anthony Seeto & Family

Alan Galwey

Kyle Seng

Donald Gardiner

John & Beryl Seymour

Ian Gardner

Katherine Shapcott

Peter Gasteen

Richard Shapcott

Norbert Gaulton

John Siemon

John Gazley AM

Adjunct Professor Gregory Siller & Dr Amanda Siller

Marian Gibney

Julie Sim

Paul Gibney

David & Judith Simpson

Charles Gilks

John Simpson

Stewart Gill OAM

Maha & Yoga Sinnathamby

Associate Professor Ross Glancy

Greg Smith

Peter & Petra Glover

Shirley So

Jason Goh

Velencia Soutter

Edgar Gold AM CM QC

Mark & Heidi Sowerby

Professor Ian and Dr Ruth Gough

Leonard Sparkes

Jennifer Gow

Rosemary Spencer

Jenny Graff

Norman Stanley

Spencer Grammer

Paul Starkoff & Jodi Palmer

Suzanne Grano

Maureen Stevenson

Mary Grassie

Russell Stitz AM RFD

Debra Graves

Richard Stringer

Campbell Gray

Matthew Stubbs

Rob & Annette Gray

Leanne Sturgess

Christopher Green

Stephanie Surm

Stewart Grieve

Peter Sutton

David Haddock

Stephen Sverdloff

Peter & Svyetlana Hadgraft

John Swinson

Greg Hainge

John Symonds

Neva Haites OBE & B Haites

Kathleen Taduran

Frank & Swan Halim

Able Tan

Peter Halley

Eleanor Tan

Susan Hamilton & Robert Soltys

Catherine Tanna

Margaret Hammer & Richard Clegg

Mark Tanner

Timothy Hannah

Ruth Tarlo

Edward Hanson

Jeff Tarr

Ian Harper

Rodney Thelander

Ione Harvey

Wally Thomas & Dale Coleman

Jennifer Harvey & Tony Mackie

David Thompson

Robin Harvey

Julie Thomson

Bruce Hawker

Chris Tiffin

Peter & Anne Heathcote

Mark Tindale

Joan Heatley OAM

Marcus & Christine Tod

Bruce & Kathryn Heiser

Bethwyn Todd

Charlie Hender

Tony Toohey

Annette Hermann

Uyen Tran

John Heussler AM

Shaun & Lise Treacy

Jill Hewitt

Fiona Treadwell

Justine Hickey

Michelle Tredenick

Louise Hickson

Judith Trevan-Hawke

Ron Higham

Peter Trevethan

Brett & Helen Hill

Carly Tribe

Michael & Suzette Hill

Dr Carla Tromans

Gary Hing

Adina & Michael Trutwin

Brian Hirning

George Tucker OAM & Margaret Tucker

Keith Hirschfeld

Michael & Jane Tynan

Joan Hobbs

Ashby Utting

Robert Hodge & Zelle Hodge AM

Sandy Vigar Pearson

Adrian Holt

Geoff & D Voller

John & Chris Holt

Neal Walker

Craig Hook

Ann Wallin & Alex Stathakis

Tracey Hopkins

Bruce & Maureen Wallis

Dr Wendy Hughes

Carey Walmsley-Woodruff

Colin Ingram

Annette Weier

Shane Jackson

Helen Weir

Iver James

Loloma Weir

Elizabeth Jameson

Mark West

Brad Johannsen

Mark Western

Noel Johnson

Michael White OAM QC & Margaret White AO

Trevor Johnson

Dale Whitfield

Ross Johnston

David & Lee Williams

Margaret Johnstone

Melanie Williams

Sandra & Geoffrey Jones

Glen Williams AO QC

Gwendolen Jull AO

Anne Williamson

Jim Kalokerinos

Dino Willox

Lisa Kaminskas

Noel Wilmott

Hossam Kamli

Alan Wilson

Kin Kan

Margaret Wilson QC

John Kapeleris

Deborah Winkler

Jen Karlson

David Wood

Elaine Katte

Patricia P Wright

Dominic, Marcus & Eamonn Katter

Chia-Wei Wu

David Keane

Rodney Wylie OBE

John Kelly

Jamien Zimmermann


112 Anonymous Donors

DONORS $10,000 - $49,999


Ashby Utting Foundation

Redcliffe Peninsula Financial Services Limited

Australasian Podiatry Council

Redcliffe Pink Snapdragons Dragon Boat Club Inc.

Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists

Save The Bilby Fund Ltd

Black Star Foundation

Sea World Research & Rescue Foundation

Brain Injury Foundation

St Aidan's Anglican Girls School

ConocoPhillips Australasia

The Head Foundation

Costa Group (Vic)

The John and Barbara Hay Philanthropic Foundation

Dementia Australia QLD Division

The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Qld Assoc

Dr Vera's Formulations

The Order of Australia Association Foundation Limited

Foundation for Alcohol Research & Education Limited

The Trustees of the Conference '82 Trust Account

Hong Kong Foundation for Charities Limited

The University of New South Wales

Invisalign Australia Pty Ltd

The University of Queensland UK Trust

John Paul College

Thornton Foundation

Leucaena Research and Consulting Pty Ltd

Transurban Queensland

Manifold Energy Services Pty Ltd

Wishlist Sunshine Coast Health Foundation

Measured Group

YRD Aust Pty Ltd

QER Pty Ltd

4 Anonymous Donors

DONORS $1,000 - $9,999


ADG Engineering

Reuben Pelerman Benevolent Foundation

Agility Applications

ROAM Consulting

All Souls Opportunity Shop

Rotary Club of Nundah Inc.

Ashintosh Foundation

Rotary International

AusSafe Consulting Pty Ltd

Rowe Scientific Pty Ltd WA

Australasian Hellenic Educational Progressive Association

Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists

Australian Deer Association

SAS Institute Australia Pty Limited

Biarri Optimisation

Schwab Charitable

Birds Queensland

Siemon Investments Pty Ltd

Board of Architects of Queensland

Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia

Brisbane Catholic Education Centre

SSAA Victoria Ltd

Cambooya Landcare Association Incorporated

Stage Five P/L ATF Stage Five Trust

Churches of Christ in Queensland

Steadmed Pty Ltd

Cole Lawson Communications

Stephens Sub-Branch RSLA Annerley

Cox Architecture Pty Ltd

Taylor and Francis Group

Davies Collison Cave

TechnologyOne Ltd

De Bortoli Wines Pty Limited

TENSA Equipment Pty Ltd

Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy

TerViva Bioenergy, Inc.


Teys Australia

Emergency Services Charity Golf Day

The Albrecht Foundation Pty Ltd

Estate of Barry Max Stevenson

The Chapman Foundation

Everick Heritage Consultants Pty Ltd

The Hawker Foundation

Forest Lake Social Golf Club Inc

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia - Queensland Branch

Glencore Coal Assets Australia Pty Limited

The Theosophical Society in Australia

Grassie Investments Pty Ltd

The Wilgarning Trust

Harcourts Foundation

Trio Brothers Trading Pty Ltd

King's College


Lastek Pty Ltd


MBBS Class of 1968

United Grand Lodge of Queensland

Mediserve Nursing Agency

UQ - University of Queensland Rugby Football Club

Morris Animal Foundation

UQ Engineering Undergraduate Society

Mundubbera Hospital Auxiliary

UQ Gatton Past Students' Association Gold Coast Branch

Murphy Family Foundation

UQ Social Work and Human Services Alumni

Netball Queensland

Victorian Hound Hunters (Inc)

Pharmaceutical Defence Limited

VIPAC Engineers & Scientists Limited

Pharmaceutical Society of Australia Ltd

Wilrace Pty Ltd

Qld Friends of the Aust. Archaeological Institute at Athens

Wilson Architects

Queensland Positive People Inc

Yeronga Village Residents Community

Radford Solutions Pty Ltd

YHC Lawyers Pty Ltd ATF YHCL Operations Trust

Responsible Wood

Zonta Club of Redcliffe Area Inc.

Tenants Queensland Inc

5 Anonymous Donors



The University of Queensland recognises the following donors who generously donated between 1 January and 31 December 2018.





Cameron Aavik

Colin & Theresa Anderson

Wayne Abbott

Libby Anderson

Winsome Abbott

Ken Anderson

Timothy Abernethy

Melanie Anderson

Ann Aboud

Reginald Anderson

Deidre Ackerly

Rodney & Sonya Anderson

Caroline Acton

Ross Anderson

David & Sheila Adsett

Harvey Anderssen

Julie Adsett

Tim Andrews

Noel Adsett OAM

Beverley Angus

Patricia Agnew

Frank Anning

Jeremy Aitken

Geoffrey Anstey

Philip Aitken

John Apel

Monica Aker

Liz Ardus

Lucas Akesson

Frank Arias

Mohammad Alauddin

Leonard & Mary Arkadieff

Peri Albert

Taufik Aldila Armaputra

Arthur Albion

Joe Armitage

Angela Alechnowicz

John Armitt

John Alexander

Gail Armstrong

Megan Alexander

Robert Armstrong

Pendleton Alexander

Gwendoline Arnold

Robert Alexander

Jean Ashford

Don & Bettye Allan

Isabelle Ashton

Graeme Allan

Charlotte Ashton-Heinius

Janet Allan

Albert Atherton

Michelle Allan

Betty Atkinson

Jude Alldred

Lesley Atkinson

Annette Allen

Mary Atkinson OAM & Peter Atkinson

Dean Allen

Wing Au

Desmond & Kerry Allen

John Aukes

Weston Allen

Hayley & Michael Auld

Marita Allen-Bland

Patrick Austin

John Allison

Sue Avery

Tanya Allomes

Michael & Pat Avey

Daisuke Amada

Blake Ayshford

Eiman Amini

Leon Azar

David Amos

Rebecca Azzopardi



Julie Baartz

Jo Boniface

Kevin & Hazel Bachler

Michael Bonning

David Backstrom

Neiti Boolaky

Gary & Carol Bacon

Richard Boorman

Lynne Badger

William Booth

Patricia Badgery

Graham Boothby

Stewart & Suellen Bagley

William Bor

Julie Baglot

Anne Borgna

James Bailey

Jill Borthwick

Robert & Renee Bailey

Hugh & Madonna Botting

Kenneth Baird

Nobby & M Bourne

Barry Baker

Glenda & C Bouvier-Berthet

Jennifer Baker

Peter Bouwman

Samuel Baker

John Bowden

Vishak Balaji

Jenny Bowes

Dan Baldry

Neville & B Bowman

Margaret Bale

Roslyn Boyar

Elizabeth Ball

William Boyce

Sheryl Ballesty

Bob Boyd

Juliet Ballinger

Jane Boyle

William Balthes

Jane Boyte

Gregory Bamford

Murray Boyte

Vicki Banister

Elwira Bozyk

Melanie Banner

Terri Bradford

Lynda Barakin

Mick Brady

Shirley Barbeau

Kay Brassil

Marie Barbeau

Robert Braun

Deborah Barbeler

Clare Bray

Paul Barber

Mark & Helene Breene

Mitchell Barclay

Mark Bremhorst

Catherine Bardon

Susanne Bremner

Stuart Barker

Thomas Bremner

Leslie Barkla

Victoria Bremner

Ann Barnes

Daniel Brennan

Michael Barnes

Jennifer Brennan

Veronica Barnes

Pamela Brennan

Laurie Barram

Jamie Brett

Don Barrett

Zachary Brewster

Mary Barrett & Thomas Mylne

Sharon Bridle

Patrick Barrett AO

Amanda Briggs & Peter Mulholland

Luke Barron

Heather-Ann Briker-Bell

The Late Frances Barry

Alan Brimblecombe AM

Sarah Barry

Elsie Brimblecombe

Mavis Barter

Rosemarie Brinkman

Michelle Barton

John Bristow

Brooke Baskin

Kathryn Britt

Brian Batch

Neil Britton

Samuel Bate

Sinclair Britton

Andrew Batsakis

Mark Broadbridge

Mario Battiato

Edward Brockhurst

Bevan Bauer

Libby Brodie

Colin & E Baxter

Robert Brodribb

Giles Baxter

Marilyn Brookes

Meredith Baxter

Noel Brosnan

Katherine Bayne

Muriel Brough

Julie Beak

Rineke Brouwer

Katrina Beard

Alan Brown

Steve Beasley

Barry Brown

Kerrod Beaton

Carolyn & Richard Brown

Alison Beattie

John & Julie Brown

Carol Beck

John Brown

Gloria Bedson

Lachlan Brown

Chris Begley

Malcolm Brown

Dorothy Behais

Pauline Brown

Susan & Bob Behan

Ricky Brown

Hugh Bekkers

Ruth Browne

Peter Bekkers

David Brownsey

Alison Bell

Weston Bruner

Cohen Bell

Deanna Bryant

Melissa Bell

John Bryant

Peter Bell

Peter Bryant

Marea Benard

Neville Bryce

Doreen Bengtson

Adam Bub

Richard Benjamin

Ngaio Buck

Adam Bennett

Andrew Bucklow

Alan & Dorothy Bennett

Peter Bugeia

Darren Bennett

Paul Bullock

Edward Bennett

Laura Bullwinkel

June Bennett

Julianna Bun

Trudy Bennett

Elizabeth Bundy

Caroline Bennison

Suzanne Bunker

Kathleen Berg OAM

Maxwell Bunter

Brian Berge

Scott Bunzli

Tracy Berger

Steven Burge

Jacqueline Bermingham

Michelle Burgermeister

Col Berndt

Alison Burgess

Derrin Berry

Anne Burgess

Gregg Berry

Gabrielle Burgess

Alan Bertram

Phillip Burguez

Robyn Besley

John Burke AM

Bryan Besly OAM

Megan Burling

Wayne Best

Jean Burnett

Jock Beveridge

Hannah Burns

Suresh Bhatia

Donald & Beverley Burnside

Sue Bietz

Chris Burrell

Jessica Bindon

Christine Burton

Melanie Binny

Paul Burza

Aaron Birditt

Andrew Bush

Kyle Bishop

Phillip Bushell-Guthrie

Kathleen Biviano

Jonathan Buss

Daniel Blackmore

Hilary Bustillo

Belinda Blaho

Daniel Butler

Gary & S Blight

Mollie Butler

J Bliss

Sally Butler

Bruce & Margaret Blocksidge

Sharon Butler

Jennifer Bloom

Shirley Butler

Samuel Bloom

Ronald Butterfield

Mark Blows

Robert Button

Warren Bloxham

Honey Butz

Andrew Blucher

Jackie Byrne

Alexander Boardman

Kerry Byrne

Fiona Boland

Marie Byrne

Andrew Bolt

Dean Byrnes

Kylie Bolton

Holly Byrnes

Suzanne Bolton

Sarah Byrnes

Erin Bonang

Suk-Joo Byun

Jacinta Bonaventura




Ross Cable

Hsin-Fang Chung

Joyce Caesar

Peter Churven

Bob Cage

Leon Ciechanowski

Margaret Cahill

Sheree Clancy

Peter Cairns

Beth Clark

Felicity Caldwell

Gary Clark

Sarah Caldwell

Kathryn Clark

Paul Callaghan

Kristoff Clark

Des Calthorpe

Ronald Clark

Aaron Cameron

Peter Clark Ryan & Edith Hampson

Cathy Cameron

Amanda Clarke

Donald Cameron

Angela Clarke

Donald Cameron

Trish Clarke

Glen Cameron

Sarah Clarke

John Cameron

Valma & Ron Clarkson

Margaret Cameron

Tabitha Claven

Murray Cameron

Mark Cleary

Rosemary Cameron

Jo-Anne Clifford

Suzanne Cameron

David Close

Elizabeth Campbell

Paul Close

Linda Campbell

Andrew Clouston

Tracy Campbell

Douglas Cluer

Anthony Canfell

Susan & Ralph Cobcroft

David & Elizabeth Carey

Britney Cochrane

Michael Carey

Kim & P Cocker

Elene Carides

Erin Cocks

Alison Carlisle

Clark Coffman

Lyn Carlson

Erica Cohn

Peter Carne

Ian & Janet Colledge

Carla Caro

Jean Collie

Roger Carrington

Jean Collings

Debra Carroll

Babs Collins

Kelly Carruthers

Garry Collins

Rita Carter-Brown

Gerry & Julie Collins

Ross Cartmill OAM

Julian Collins

Helen Casey

Clare Collins

John N Casey

Ross Collyer

Leonie Casey

Peter Colvin

Mark Casey

Tracy Comans

Christine Castley

Samuel Comerford

Rebecca Castley

Tony Conaghan RFD & Karen Conaghan

Aaron Caswell

Thomas & Barbara Conaghan

Ryan Catherwood

Balinda Condon

Kleoniki Cavadas

Felicity Conlan

Duane Cavanagh

Margaret Connell

Carol Cave

Sarah Connolly

Tiahna Cave

Patricia Connor

Kathryn Cawthorn

Stephen Connor

Silke Chalmers

Judith Connors

John Chamberlain

Kenneth Conolly

Brett Chambers

Nick Conomo

Chris Chambers

Linda Conrad

Robert Champion

Frank Conway

Andrea Chan

Claire Cook

Foong Wei Chan

Donna Cook

Edwin Chan

Geoff Cook

Michael Chan

Helen Cook

Kimberly Chandler

Pamela Cook

Dev Chandraratne

Kathleen Cooke

Stephen Chang

Anna Cooksley

Olga Chaourova

Catherine Cooney

Annabelle Chaplain

Diana Coote & Clement Gordon

Amabel Chapman

Eddie Coppinger

Graham Chapman

John Corcoran

Jen Chapman

Glen Corder

Leslie Chapman

Michael Corlett

Lyle Chapman

Gregory Cornish

Michael Chappell

Peter & Christine Cornish

Tim Chappell

Allison Costa

Ellie Chapple

Daniel Costello

John Chapple

Sally & Robert Cottee

Jennifer Charnley

Anthony & Therese Cotter

Dianne Chaseling

Kep Coughlan

Cao-Nhan Che

Marion & John Coulson

C Chen

Fiona Coultard

George Chen

Jean Covey

Holly Chen

Christine Cowell

Hsuan Chen

Merv Cowie

Yun-Chu Chen

Amanda Cox

Zhen Chen

Cherese Cox

Wan Ju Cheng

Angela & Richard Craig

Norris Chern

Ann-Maree Craven

Anita Chesmond

Genevieve Crawford

Catherine Cheung

Maree Crawford

David Chew

John Creagan

Tara Cheyne

John Cribb

Alfred Chi & S Tan

Emily Critichley

Yoshio Chikamatsu

Alisa Crouch

Margaret Child

Vincent Crowley

Khai-Yuen Choong

Denise Cruickshank

Kanny Siu-Wud Chow

David Cubilla

Kay Christensen

Malka Cullen

Oliver Christensen

Rachel Cullen

Jean Christie

Anne Cullinan

Lurline Christie

Sue Cumming AM

Sharon Christodoulou

Royston Cummings

Sylvia Christofidelis

Bruce Cunningham

Robert Christopherson

Ian Curl

Hsin-Fang Chung

Jonathan Curlewis


Matthew Custance





Rebecca Dahele

Nichola Di Muzio

Emma Daley

Rebecca Di Nuzzo

Grahame Dalton

Victor Bien d'Iapico-Bien

Joanna Dalton

Don Dickie

John Daly

Liz Diggles

Katrina Dalzell

Graeme Dillaway

Cathy Dang

James & Noela Dillon

James Daniel

Kai Ding

Matt Dank

Ye Xing Ding

Louise & Desmond Dann

Ernest Dixon

Denise Darken

Fred & Margaret Dixon

Rachel Darken

Amelia Dobson

Tamal Das

Courtney Dobson

Pamela Davenport

Teresa Docherty

Neil Davey

Karl Dodd

Helen Davidson

Jeffrey Dodds

Peter Davie

Graeme & Robina Doherty

Fraser Davies

Michael Dommisse

Grace Davies

Rebecca Donnelly

Harry Davies

Michael Donohue

Jonathan Davies

Peter Dooley

Kate Davies

Laurie & Denise Doube

Noela Davies

Trudy Dougall

Paul Davis

Lucinda Doughty

Peter Davis

Joan Draman

Roger Davis

Walter Drane

Vincent Davis

Russell Draper

Sandra Day

Theresa Draper

Frances De Glas

Jim Drum

Sonia de Jager

Anne D'silda

Helen De Jong

Kathy Du

Otto De Leeuw

Dennis Dubetz

Mary Denver

Amanda Dudgeon

Rocco De Pierri

Beatrice Duggan

Rick De Zoete

Laura Duggan

Jennifer Dean

Thomas Duggan

Kurt-Johan Deecke

Edwina Duhig

Simon Deeley

Robert Dumke

Stasi Dellios

Colin Duncan

Alan Demack AO & Dorothy Demack

James Duncan

Adrian Den Dekker

Ruth Duncan

The Late Geoff Dengate

Scott Dundon

Grant Dennis

Tiffany Dunk

Kate Dent

Michael Dunne

John Deshon AM

Kate Durham

Effie Detsimas

Nan Durrans

Grace Devereaux

Clare Dwyer

Diggings Club of Queensland

Greg Dyett

John & Maria Di Mauro




Geoffrey & Helen Eades

Ross Elgar

Jane Eadie

John & J Elliott

Douglas Eady

Vicki Elliott & Brendon Barker

Geoff Eaglesham

John Elphinstone

Stephen Eastman

Diane Elsden

Matthew Eckersley

Alice Elwell

Cynthia Eddes

Stephanie Elwin

Greg Eddy

Belinda Emery MBA

Jamie Ede

Gregory Emmanuel

Samuel Edmonds

Kimberley Englels

John Edmondson

Endrias Ergetu

David Edwards

Diana Eriksen

David Edwards

Craig Estwick

Denise Edwards

Betty Eunson

Donald & Janet Edwards

Kerry Eupene AM

Gary Edwards

James Evans

John Edwards

Luke Evans

Kylie Edwards

Sally Evans

Sharon Edwards

Mark Everson

Sue & Jon Edwards

Malcolm & R Ewart

Paula Egan

Clare Exell



Mitchell Faint

Michael Foley & Jenny Martin AC

Teresa Fair

Peter Foley

John Fairbairn

Ros Follett

Ning-Xia Fang

The Estate of Dr Sum Fong

Erin Fanning

David Foo

Simon Farley

Leanne Forrest

John Farmer

Norma Forrest

Vanessa Farmer

Steve Forster

Adrian Farrelly

Alison Forsythe

Isabelle Fassbind

Robert & Janice Fortier

Jill & Daryl Feldhahn

Benjamin Foster

Brigid Felsman

Shirley Foster

Wei-Hsuan Feng

Wallace Foster

Mary Fenn

Mr Peter Yiannis Fotinis Fotinis

Lesley Ferguson

Robert Foulkes

Merilyn Ferguson

Maria Fouras

Peter Ferreira

June Fox

John & Diane Fidden

Ross Foxton

Robert Field

Susan Foy

Maria Figueiredo

Carole Francis

John Filatoff

I Francis

Luke Filei

Phillip Francis

John & Margaret Findlay

Robert Franklin

Trevor Findlay

Tony Franov

James Fink

Phil Fraser

Brian Finn

Stephen Fraser

Ann & Stephen Finnimore

Kieran Frawley

James Finucane

David Freeman

Margaret Firouz-Abadi

Gaye Freeman

Prue Firth

Marion Freeman

Caryl Fischer

Anita Freemantle-Bates

Evan & Pamela Fisher

Sergio Freire

Robert & Deirdre Fitchew

Anthony French

Anneke Fitzgerald

John Frew

John Fitzgerald

Nelly Frey

Barbara Fitzgibbon

Marie Friedel

Ann Fitzpatrick

John Friendship

David Fleming

Ian Froome

Michele Fleming

Roderick Frowd

Simon Fleming

John Fuelling

Suzanne Fletcher

Gerard & D Fullerton

Neill Florence

Nabeela Furtado

Leslie Fodor

Kyohhei Futaki

William Fogg

Elizabeth & Frith Fysh



Anna-Louise Gabbedy

Donald Gordon

Hilary Galbraith

Howard Gordon

Jessica Gallagher

Sheila Gorman

Juliet Gallagher

Michael Gorringe

John Gallant

Ronakraj Gosalia

Anthony Gallo

Anita Gow

Maher Gandhi

Thomas Gradwell

Joe Gangemi

Alan Graham

Dawn Gant

Barbara Graham

Graeme & Wendy Gardiner

Elizabeth Graham

Bruce Gardner

Rick Graham

Julia Gardner

Thomas Graham

Sally Gardner

Ian Grambower

Brett Garner

Sandy & Catherine Grant

Natalie Garrick

Cecile Grant

Roslyn Gaskell

Jennifer Grant

Marie-Claire Gazzard

John & Sue Grant

Jacqueline Geddes

Peter & Roslyn Grant

Heather Gee

Judith Grassle

Cameron Geldreich

Andrew & Judith Gray

Susan Gelston

Leonie Gray

Neil Gentle

Nina Gray

Carol Gerrard

Susan Gray

Matthew Gettings

Narelle Greathead

Troy Gianduzzo

Will Greaves

James Gibney

Emily Greber

Janet Gibson

Alison Green & Justin White

Karen Gibson

Susan Green

Thomas Gibson

Laurie Greene

Mary Gilbert

Andrew Greenfield

Josephine Giles

Kelly Greenop

Michelle Giles

Joananne Greensill

Sharon Gillard

Judith Greenwood

Ailsa Gillies

William Greig

Andrew Gillies

Nicole Grice

Leonie Gilmore

Michael Griffin

Jan-Marie Gilmour

Clifford Griffiths

John Gilmour AM

Ashleigh Grimes

Peter Girdis & Carolyn Unwin

Don Grimley

Leif Glasby

Ross Grimley

Jessy Gleeson

John Grinston

Melissa Glendenning

Ben Groeneveld

Carmel Glover

William Grove

Margaret Godfrey

Alan & Wendy Grummitt

Ian Godwin

Barbara Grunert

Alex Goldie

Thanuri Gunewardena

Elizabeth Goli

David Gunn

Antony Gooden

John Gurnett

Ben & Leanne Gordon

Sonja Gustafson



Eric Haakonssen

Rosemary Hillhouse

Tahnya Hadi

Paul Hilliar

Murphy & Ian Hadwen

Janice Hills

Thomas Hadwen

Paul Hilton

Paul Haley

Vedella Hinckley

Elizabeth Hall

Robert Hinds

Jim Hall

Rosemary & Ian Hinrichsen

Sally Hall

Rosslyn Hinton

Paul Halpin

Donna Hipgrave

Andrew Hamadi

James Hislop

Lyndall Hamlyn

Catherine Hnidec

Amanda Hammer

Hon Fatt Ho

Steven Hamwood

William Ho

Ji-Sook Han

Graham Hobbs

John Hancock

Mary Hockaday

Marie Hand

Gregory Hockings

Janis Hanley

Thomas Hockings

Joan Hanley

Michael Hodgson AM & Margaret Hodgson

Cassie Hansen

Peter Hoens

Kim Hansen

Dale Hoffmann

Scott Hansen

Thomas Hogan

Aimee Hanson

Steve Hogg

Bronwyn Harch

Stephen Holden & Clarissa Keil

Phil Harding

Elizabeth Holder

Peter Harford & Aloisia Mangan

Soraya Holder

Ritesh Hargovind

Anna Holland

Deirdre Hargreaves OAM

Karen Holland

Colleen Harper

Kathleen Holland

Rosamund Harrington

Mark Holland

Sam Harrington

Lindsay & Gregory Hollingworth

Stephen Harrington

Michael Holmes

Neil Harris

Neil Holt

Nerida Harris

Samuel Holt

Nicky Harris

Adam Holyoak

Pamela Harris

Tamara Homburg

Rosie Harris

Beatrice Hook

Stephen Harris

Clifford Hopgood

Trevor Harris AM & Dorothy Harris

Toni Hoppner

Susan Harrison

Lindsay Horne

Danielle Harrop

Peter Horne

Meagan Hartley

Margery Hornibrook

Arthur Hartwig

Christopher Horwill

Robert Hartwin

Nicole Hoskin

Dugald Hastie

Matt Hoskins

Ruth Hastings

Nadine Hoskins

Hidehito Hata

Nadine Hoskins

Peter Hatchman

Francis Hourigan

David Hawkes

Nancy Houston

Valerie Hawkins

Graeme Howatson

David Hayden

Susan Howell

Helen Hayden

Simone Howells

Ruth Hayes

Adelle Howse

Samual Hayman

Jillian Hrstich

Lachlan Haynes

Joseph Hu

Richard Haynes

Linda Hu

Mandy Heales

Zitong Huang

John Heaton

Tonnia Hubbard

Diana Hecker

Dean Huddy

John Heike

Pamela Hudson

Eva & H Hekel

Bruce Hughes

Ross Hellings

Enid Hughes

Michele Helmrich

John Hughes

Peter Hemming

Marilyn Hughes

Karen Hendrickson

Vanessa Hughson

Craig Hendrie

Helen Humphrey

Margaret Hendriks

Ian Humphreys

Brian Heng

Julie Humphreys

Greg Henricks

Carol Humphries

James Henry

Joe Humphries

Robert Henry

Alex Hung

Tara Henrys

David & Frances Hunt

Ted Henzell AO & Frances Henzell

Jennifer Hunt

Luis Herrera Diaz

Alison Hunter

Paul Hession

Debra Hunter

Anthony Heynen

Matthew Hunter

Maggie Hibbs

Simon Hurn

Allan Hickey

Craig Hurst

Jan Hickey

Noyce Hurst

Jean Hickey & Barry Hickey OAM

Maxim Hurwicz

Peter Hickey

Adam Hurwood

Sylvia Hicks

Sabina Husic

David Higgins

Nick Hutley

Peta Higgs

Ken Hutson

Colin Hill

John Hutt

Brian Hill

Rita Huxley

Ian Hillhouse

Melissa & Mark Hynes



John Illingworth

William Isdale

Sabharinath Indirai

Caroline Ishida

Frank & Mary-Ann Inglis

Saso Ivanovski

Glen Ingram

Liz Izquierdo



Desmond Jack

Daryl Johnstone

Patricia Jackson

Eddie Johnstone

Rebecca Jackson

Peta Jollie

Robin Jacob

Peter Jolly

Alka Jaggessar

Adrian Jones

Anne-Maree Jaggs

Andrew Jones

Sharon James

Catherine Jones

Ryan Jameson

Donna Jones

Barrie & S Jamieson

Gemma Jones

John Janetzki

Kip Jones

Bernard Jarius

Laura Jones

Parastou Javadi

Lewis Jones

Penelope Jeaffreson

Lyndall Jones

Emma Jeffress

Malcolm Jones

Roxanne Jemison

Marian Jones

Kenneth Jendra

Robert Jones

Gregory Jenkyns

Samuel Jones

Chris & Julie Jensen

Sandra Jones & Anthony Franklin

David Jerrard

Scott Jones

Helen Jerrard

Trevor Jones

Dylan Jesse

Will Jones

Ning Jing