Indigenous futures

Equal access to jobs, health, justice, and education are just some of the challenges facing Indigenous Australians.

Through research, supportive education and scholarship programs, UQ is determined to contribute to addressing these issues and celebrating Indigenous culture.

Tailored discovery projects and educational opportunities are providing promising futures that many first Australians may never have thought possible.

With donor support more Indigenous Australians have the opportunity to learn, succeed and be propelled on satisfying career paths as innovators and leaders, to make an even greater contribution to their community and the nation.

Indigenous student, David Corporal, received a scholarship and now has a 25-year plan to reach the stars. 

David said the opportunities he was afforded by his scholarship have been irreplaceable.

“I’ve been lucky enough to receive this gift through this university by virtue of the donors who give to help students like me"

Read David's story here.

David Corporal