Driving Discovery and Impact

Groundbreaking discoveries and the ability to transform those discoveries into meaningful actions will determine the kind of future our children and grandchildren experience.

The impact of donors collaborating with UQ has already been felt around the world through the outstanding outcomes in areas from science and sustainability to humanities and health that have benefitted from their visionary generosity.

We have seen families thrive, diseases treated, communities empowered, sustainable energy solutions developed, and we have engineered solutions.

In partnering with UQ, donors have access to world-leading teachers, researchers and a pool of talented young minds. These people have the drive and determination to combat the leading problems of our time, but may not have the resources at their disposal to succeed.

We have achieved a lot, but there is so much more for us to do – and it is more important now than ever that we are successful.

With your support, we will get closer to unlocking the cures for diseases like dementia, and other inhibitors to healthy ageing such as cancer, chronic pain, debilitating inflammation and infectious disease.

We can develop agriculture that will help feed the world, find ways to thrive amid climate change while supporting the environment, create tomorrow’s technology and break the cycle of disadvantage.

Your support provides UQ researchers with the resources they need to tackle these challenges head-on. Not if, when.

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100 per cent of donor contributions go to the nominated cause.