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Wills and Endowments

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Many kind and generous people like you, choose to make a gift in their will to create transformational impact, honour a loved one, or to give back as a thank you for education received. Others simply trust that their visionary support will make a lasting difference to the priority needs of the future.

Leaving a gift in your will to The University of Queensland has far-reaching benefits to our community, great nation and the world. 

While our research encompasses almost every aspect of life, we are also providing palpable solutions to some of the most pressing issues of our time such as dementia, stroke, growing societal disadvantage and the impending effects of climate change.

The gift you leave in your will could bring about the solution to one of these big issues or support something you care deeply about.

Regardless the size of your gift or where you direct the gift, it will drive positive change and deliver long-term impact to the community.

Our promise to you - 100 % of your gift will be purposed according to your wishes.

Inspiration for leaving a gift

“I personally benefited from the advances in science and cancer research that happened before I was diagnosed.

"Giving back is important to me and I give back with hope for the future, hope that others in years to come will benefit from the research that I am sponsoring.

My experiences not only taught me the significance of medical research but the importance of the arts, such as music, which enrich our lives, so now I believe in leaving the world as a better and more beautiful place for future generations.”

Glenys Abrahams
Leaving a gift to UQ in her will

Inspiration for leaving a gift

“For us it is really about continuing the cycle and giving back to a place we benefited from so greatly; a place that has become such a big part of our lives.

“My wife Maggie and I first met at UQ and we have been together now for more than 50 years. Over the years we’ve been involved with the University, it has provided us with exposure to culture, learning and opportunities that have helped shape who we are today.

“As a retired engineer and a retired social worker, we want our legacy to be something both useful and enriching. Something that has the power to impact both students and the wider community through research, cultural or social development.”

Colin and Maggie Miflin
Leaving a gift to UQ in their wills

Message from the Chancellor

I remain humbled, excited and amazed by the achievements and aspirations of UQ’s students. With your support, we can continue to attract brilliant teachers and researchers who can expand our knowledge and prepare and empower our students for a rapidly changing world. 

Your gift will play a vital role in what is the University’s fundamental purpose: to provide a well-rounded liberal education. Education provides people with the intellectual and 
ethical bearings to rise to the new and complex challenges that face society, and to contribute to national and global conversations about our future.

Many generations before us worked hard to create a better world. Now some of us have the opportunity to build on that legacy.

The generosity of people such as you will help eradicate inequities and build a better future for communities around the world.

Thank you for being an agent in creating change with The University of Queensland.

Mr Peter N Varghese AO
The University of Queensland

100% of donor contributions go to the nominated cause.