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1910 Society

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Named in honour of the year of UQ’s founding, the 1910 Society recognises donors who have made a significant and transformative impact on the lives of students, the outcomes of research, and the preservation of culture and teaching at UQ.

The University owes everything - from the land on which it is built, to the lifesaving cures and technology that have been developed here - to the generosity of donors who had a vision for a better future. The 1910 Society recognises a community of generous benefactors who have demonstrated extraordinary philanthropic leadership by giving $100,000 or greater during their lifetime.

These donors have dedicated their time, talent, and treasure to help cure disease, to ensure students of all backgrounds succeed, to create resilient environments, and to build stronger economies.

1910 Society members are invited to a range of exclusive events, including the annual UQ Celebration of Giving. This event allows UQ’s senior leadership to thank Society members and recognise their contributions to the University while also providing 1910 Society members the opportunity to engage with students, teachers and researchers whose lives have been transformed through philanthropy.

Your support makes a difference

Feeding the world, curing a disease, or enhancing the student experience. Wherever your passion lies, together we can strive to achieve our common goal for a better world.

Thank you!

The University of Queensland acknowledges the support of its donors.

With the support of donors, UQ is able to create change by empowering student success, transforming teaching and learning, and driving discovery and impact. These achievements are only made possible because of the generosity of our donors, alumni, friends, industry partners and foundations.